Project Description

RANGER 40 Gallon Utility Sprayer by Polaris

Item # 2880637


Tackle big spraying jobs like a pro with this 40-Gallon Utility Sprayer & Boom. This Utility Sprayer installs easily in your RANGER® rear cargo box using Lock & Ride® anchors and mounting hardware. The 40-gallon, corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank holds enough application to cover a large expanse of garden, lawn or field. The tank has a 12-volt diaphragm pump and a pressure gauge that lets you adjust the spray pressure. The boom extends out beyond the RANGER to administer applications quickly, efficiently and evenly over the designated area. This sprayer is Roundup®-ready.

Use this sprayer to apply liquid applications to yard, garden or field
Corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank has 40-gallon capacity to tackle big jobs
Lock & Ride® technology: Sprayer mounts quickly & easily in rear cargo box – without tools
Delivers applications evenly from adjustable boom
Connection to vehicle’s electrical system accesses power for spray pump
Ready For Roundup®
Fits RANGER® 570 & RANGER® ETX models