Stay legal – buy your road legal quad bike from ATV World

A vehicle must comply with the requirements of the road traffic act of 1988 in terms of road tax, insurance and MOT. The rider needs to hold a full car driving licence. To ride a quad bike on the road, the vehicle must have road legal tyres, lights, horn, speedometer, road mirrors amongst other things and registered with the DVLA. Although not a legal requirement at the moment, it is strongly recommended that a helmet is worn.

To be legally used on a road, a vehicle:

  • Must be registered
  • Must be taxed
  • Must have an MOT
  • Must have lights & number plate

For a rider to use a vehicle on the road, they must:

  • Be aged 17 or over
  • Wear a suitable crash helmet (not a legal requirement but highly advised!)
  • Hold a full valid UK driving licence
  • Hold an appropriate certificate of motor insurance

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